Terms and Conditions of Sale

Buyer's Premium - 19.5%

The Buyer’s Premium is a fee that all auction houses charge to cover the administrative expenses of holding an auction. This fee goes directly to the auction house. HDH’s Buyer’s Premium is 19.5% and is applied to all final hammer prices.

Taxation, Duties, and Tariffs

At all times, taxation is determined by point of delivery. We are required by law to collect the appropriate state and local taxes from purchasers, unless the purchase is deemed to be non-taxable. All non-taxable transactions must be completely documented prior to release of purchases. Wine and/or other alcoholic beverages sold by HDH may be subject to laws, rules, or restrictions governing importation, including duties, tariffs, permits, rates, schedules, taxes, and preliminary statements, a...

Errata list - discrepancies in catalog and on-line description

The errata (http://www.hdhwine.com/content.cfm/auction-errata) is list of lots whose descriptions have changed from the original listing in the catalog and on-line.

Bidding Status

All bidding is confidential. Only when the auctioneer opens the lot to the room / live bidding during the auction will you know where the bidding will start.

Post Auction - Holding prior to shipping

Holding Fees: HDH, at its discretion, will offer complimentary holding for up to thirty (30) days after the completion of the auction from which the Property is purchased. Complimentary holding shall only be available if Buyer has made payment in full and fully satisfied all conditions herein. After the thirty (30) days, HDH reserves the right to charge Buyer a holding fee of $50.00 per nine-liter equivalent per month. All Property is stored in HDH’s temperature and humidity-controlled cellar i...

Description of Wine

To the best of our knowledge, all wines benefited from proper storage prior to being delivered to our temperature and humidity-controlled cellar. Every bottle in this catalog has been carefully inspected by our experts and described as accurately as possible. Buyers of older and more fragile wines must make proper allowances for natural variations of ullage and general condition. Wines less than 30 years of age have been determined by HDH, based on our professional judgement, to be in generally ...

Bidding Increments

up to $500 ......................$20-50-80 ($220, $250, $280...) $500-1000 ......................$50 ($500, $550, $600...) $1000-2000 ....................$100 ($1000, $1100, $1200...) $2000-3000 ....................$200 ($2000, $2200, $2400...) $3000-5000 ....................$200-500-800 ($3200, $3500, $3800...) $5000-10,000 .................$500 ($5000, $5500, $6000...) $10,000-20,000 ..............$1000 ($10,000, $11,000, $12,000...) $20,000-30,000 ..............$2000 ($20,000, $22,000,...

Auction Estimates

Auction estimates are provided for each lot, with all figures based on the most recent auction market results for the same or comparable wines. Rarity and condition are at all times taken into consideration. Estimates do not include Buyer’s Premium or sales tax.

Tasting Notes

We have been given permission by several of the world’s leading wine critics to use their tasting notes in our catalogs. Due to space limitations, the notes in the catalog have been edited. The entire note, and notes from other critics (where available) may be accessed by viewing the catalog via our website, auction.hdhwine.com. TASTING NOTES KEY WA Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate (erobertparker.com) NM Neal Martin’s Wine Journal AM Allen Meadows (burghound.com) JR Jancis Robinson (jancisrobi...

Phone Bidding

Telephone bidding is available for live auctions on a very limited basis, and with advance arrangements only. Bidders who wish to bid live by telephone must submit a list of lots on which they wish to bid 48 hours before the auction. We are unable to accept calls in the saleroom and must be supplied a telephone number where the bidder can be reached on the day of the auction, along with an alternate telephone number. Bidders are encouraged to leave a written bid as well, which would be executed ...