Auction Details

Recommended browsers

HDH’s auction site is supported on PC and Mac systems. We recommend using Firefox ( or Chrome ( web browsers. Both are available to download free of charge. We do not recommend using Internet Explorer as some clients have reported issues with this browser.

Auction and Retail Website Information

Please Note: ( and ( are two different sites. Creating an account on one site does not facilitate the creation of an account on the other. We recommend that you use the same e-mail address and password for both account. NOTE: We are working to consolidate this process across all our web properties. ( (

Can't access Auction Account

If you encounter issues the website please try following: - Make sure your not blocked by corporate firewall. Some companies block all or sections of our website. We recommend downloading the APP for phone/tablet an running the cellular network. WiFi network at your office could have the same protocols in place. - Clear your Cache in your browser history - Check your internet connection - Username and password are entered correctly. Note password is case sensitive. - We always recom...

The “Do Not Honor” error message

If you receive a message at the top of the page that says "Do Not Honor" this means your credit card information is invalid. This could be for a number of reasons including: - Your credit card is expired - An invalid credit card number - Your billing address is not entered correctly - There is a lack of funds ($1,000 validation charge is applied at registration) - The security code is not entered (three-digit code on back of card for MC and VISA, four-digit code on front for AMEX)...

Download HDH Mobile APP

Download the app ( for your mobile device before the auction. The HDH mobile app is available for download on iOS devices. Download the app for free on the iTunes App Store ( The app ( and auction website ( can be used at the same time, so if you need to step away from your computer, you don’t have to worry about missi...

Link to Auction Website

The HDH auction website can be found at (

PDF and Excel Spreadsheet of lots offered at Auction

PDF and Excel spreadsheet of the current auction are available for download. Visit our auction details page ( to find a copy of these documents once the auction is open for bidding.

Updating / Removing Credit Card Information

Access your account by clicking on your name in the menu bar. From here you can see all credit cards on file. To delete a credit card, select the card information and hit “Delete Card" and then confirm. Your credit card will then be removed from your account. To update your credit card on file, select “Add a New Credit Card” and follow the instructions. Please note, you cannot delete a credit card on file which was used in the last 60 days for an auction.

Reviewing your Bids

You can view your active bids by logging into your auction account and clicking “My Bids” on the menu bar. The “My Bids” tab will show all your winning, losing, and pending bids. We do not disclose bidding interest on lots, all bids are sealed till the auctioneer opens the lot on the day of the auction. If you fax, email or call in to place bids, we will send you a confirmation but you should always log into your auction account to ensure your bids have been correctly entered.

Retracting a live bid during the sale

When bidding live, you cannot retract a bid. To prevent bidding error, we have added a confirmation step to the online bidding process. - When bidding on your mobile device, you must swipe to confirm your bid. - When bidding on a laptop, you must click the “CONFIRM” button that appears after you click the bid button.

Email confirmation for absentee bids

The HDH auction site does not send out a confirmation email for absentee bids. Once you have submitted a bid, you can view them by going to the “My Bids” tab. You will also be able to see the status of sold lots throughout the auction in real time. NOTE: Bids are activate from the time each is submitted.

Watched lot option - Star icon next to lot number

To create a "Watch Lot" list, move your mouse over the lot your interested in. To the right of the lot number you will see a star "", click on the star and it will stay highlighted. Do this for every lot your interested in. To review your list, go to the “Watched Lots” tab on the website or mobile app. Note if you have the push notification enabled for the APP you will get an alert about 10 lot prior to the lot coming up for live bidding.

How we determine where the bidding will start

We will not open with your max bid unless we have supporting bids to do so. The auctioneer execute your bid starting at the lowest increment possible. If other clients begin to bid on the lot, your absentee bid will be executed accordingly. The only situation in which bidding would begin at your maximum bid is when there are supporting bids. For example, if your maximum bid is $1,000 and bidding opens at $500 and no other bids are registered, your initial bid will be $500. However, if bidding o...

How do I see how much I have spent so far?

The “My Bids” tab on the auction website or app will show a running total of the lots you have won.

In the event of a tie bid

In the event of a tie, the bidder who submitted their bid first will take the lot. This means that bidders who submit absentee bids prior to the start of the auction have a distinct advantage when it comes to tied bids.

The Reserve Price

The reserve is the lowest price a lot can be sold for. The reserve is the agreed amount between the consignor and auction house and will not exceed the low end estimate. We do not publish or disclose the reserve only the consignor and auctioneer has this information.

How we determine wine levels

For Bordeaux, Port and other wines in bottles with defined shoulders the extent of ullage (or wine level in the bottle) is described by its position in the bottle. Our policy is to note levels only when we feel that significant ullage has taken place since bottling. Our interpretations are as follows:

To request photos of lots prior to the auction

We are happy to provide photos of lots upon request. Please allow up to 48 hours to process photo requests. We can not guarantee all requests can be done. To request a photo contact our Bids Department at ( or 312.445.0100.

How to switch between live and absentee bidding

We have found that the most efficient way of switching between live bidding and absentee bidding is to open multiple tabs on your browser. One tab can be set to live bidding to follow the progress of the sale and the other to “My Bids” and/or “Watched Lots” to monitor or adjust upcoming bids. Clients will have to refresh the pages for “My Bids” and/or “Watch Lots” as the sale progresses to update the status of lots sold.

How to receive a credit to be used in the next auction

Buyers who pay their invoice, in full, via wire, paper, or electronic check by 5pm CT on the Friday following the sale, will receive a discount equal to 1% of their auction invoice that is only available for use towards purchases in the next auction. The credit does not carry forward beyond the next auction and is not transferable.


OC: Original Carton


OWC: Original Wooden Case