Taxation, Duties, and Tariffs

At all times, taxation is determined by point of delivery. We are required by law to collect the appropriate state and local taxes from purchasers, unless the purchase is deemed to be non-taxable. All non-taxable transactions must be completely documented prior to release of purchases.
Wine and/or other alcoholic beverages sold by HDH may be subject to laws, rules, or restrictions governing importation, including duties, tariffs, permits, rates, schedules, taxes, and preliminary statements, as they may be amended, adjusted, increased, renegotiated, replaced or restated from time to time (herein “Import Duties”). 
Buyer is solely responsible for any and all Import Duties that may apply to any purchase of wine and/or alcoholic beverages, including those Import Duties in effect after the Buyer purchases the wine and/or alcoholic beverage but prior to the importation of the wine and/or alcoholic beverage.
Buyer cannot cancel any purchase, seek rescission of any agreement or contract, or fail to make timely payment for any purchase because of any applicable Import Duties, the adoption of a new trade policy, or renegotiation or termination of certain existing bilateral or multi-lateral trade agreements. Buyer further agrees that any applicable Import Duties are not considered to be outside of the Buyer’s control.
All conclusions as to applicable taxes, duties, and tariffs due and owing will be determined by HDH in its sole discretion.