Single Bid / New Group Defined

When placing a bid you have two options:

"Single Bid" - this means you are placing a bid on that lot only.

"New Group" - New group is used to set up either/or bids. If there are multiple lots that you are interested in but only want to win a select number from that group.

How to set up an either/or bid:

Click single bid, drop down will open. Select New Group and place bid, this will automatically assign the lot to group "A". When you place a bid on the next lot for the group, you just need to select "Group A" from the drop down. This will group the lots together. There is no limit to the number of lots you can add to an either/or group. Once you have done this you can also select the number of lots within that group you would like to win. You can create as many groups as you like.

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