Selling Your Wine with HDH

Hart Davis Hart’s consignment team works tirelessly to help our customers achieve record prices and the highest sell-through rates in the fine wine business. Whether your cellar is worth $10,000 or $10 million it is by any standard a significant financial asset. With the most experienced team in the wine auction business, HDH brings together private collectors, trade buyers and investors from all over the world and ensures that your collection is properly and professionally represented to bring you the highest possible return.

The Consignment Process

  1. Submit Your List | Send us a list of your wine collection along with details on storage conditions and provenance to, fax at 312.335.9096 or mail to Hart Davis Hart Wine Co., 1511 W. 38th Street, Chicago, IL 60609.
  2. HDH Review Process | An HDH Specialist will undertake a thorough review of your list and recommend the best way to sell your wines for the highest possible return through an auction consignment. The consignment team will then work with you to decide the process for selling that best fits your goals and needs.
  3. Wine Transport | HDH will work with you to arrange shipment to our warehouse or, when appropriate, send a team to your cellar to oversee the packing and moving of your collection. We work with shipping companies all over the world and have experience with almost any shipping scenario imaginable.
  4. Inspection | HDH specialists will inspect every bottle to ensure proper condition and authenticity and to catalog conditions that will be noted for the information of the buyers.
  5. Sale and Prompt Payment | Your wine is offered to the world and sold through our live auction at award winning Spiaggia Restaurant or Mobile Only Auction via auction website. HDH makes prompt and full payment.

Consign with Confidence at HDH

We understand that the idea of moving and selling all or part of your wine collection can seem daunting. HDH keeps meticulous records of all transactions and makes the process simple and convenient for you at every step. Our consignment team is the most experienced in the industry. We know the level of care that collectors put into their cellars and we represent each collection with our unmatched professionalism and attention to detail.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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